For the most part, your content is propriety and you lock it down using Mimeo Digital's security settings. But, once in a while, you need the flexibility to open that content up for the end user to print or download. Maybe the file is a worksheet or study aid. Maybe there is a formula or code snippet that end users need to take with them. To further improve the flexibility of our security settings, we've now added a new setting option - Copy Content.

This tool enables your end users to use the copy functionality on their PC, tablet, or smartphone on portions of or the entire doc file that you distribute to them. This content can then be pasted anywhere the end user desires.

Here's how to use this feature:

1) In your Mimeo Digital admin library, assemble your distribution they way that you normally would:

Either by clicking the "+" button next to each piece of content


By clicking the "distribute" button next to the first piece of content and adding the rest via the "add more files" search bar

(Don't know how to create a distribution? Check out this article) 

2) Once your distribution window is open, you will see the new column for "copy content" now shown on the "content" tab of the distribution window.

  • note that you can manage each of these three permission settings per piece of content¬†

3) Put a check mark next to each piece of content that you would like to allow end users to copy from. Or, you can select the entire distribution by putting a check mark next to the word "copy content".

Keep In Mind That:

  • The "i" icon next to each permission setting will provide you with a further explanation regarding each.

  • If this is turned on, end users will have complete freedom to copy content from the entire document, should they choose so, and paste where every they want.

  • The feature cannot yet be limited to portions of the file. It is all on or all off for the entire file.

  • This cannot be utilised for video or audio file types (the option will be greyed out).

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