Our template is the italicised text below. Before you scroll down, we wanted to be sure to share the most important things your instructions should have:

  • Point out where they are headed by providing your custom URL

  • Be clear about how they are getting access to content

  • If you created "assigned keys" (aka Direct Distribution), be clear that once they create their account or login in, that the content will automatically be populated. No further steps required!

  • If you are distributing via the "copy link" tool, the URL you are given contains both the address for the digital library & the key code. This is a great tool for first time end users who DO NOT already have an account. Once they create an account, the content will auto populate (This will NOT work for existing users).

  • If you are distributing via a "unassigned keys" and not using the link, be sure to share both your library's custom URL and the 12-digit alpha numeric key


 Thank you for your participating in our upcoming __________ course. 

In order to access your materials, please click here (add your url as a hyperlink). This will direct you to a simple sign up screen for your content library - the home base for all of your course content. This link should only be used for the initial creation of your content library account. 

Once you've created your account and are logged in, a chat will pop up with a short welcome video. This video that will walk you through everything from logging in, to viewing content, & even taking notes. Still have questions? Feel free to start a chat with one of our 24/7 live chat agents. 

Your instructor will have specific instructions regarding which browser you should use & the protocol for leaving the platform when you break for lunch. 

Your content is accessible via laptop, tablet, & smartphone. When logging back in at a later time (post sign up), simply visit - (_______.mimeo.digital) & use your login credentials. 

We hope that you have an enjoyable course & look forward to receiving your feedback.

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