You’ve sent out a distribution, but accidentally got the key count wrong or just can’t remember how many you set. Here is how to check the original amount & change the count.

Step 1: From your Mimeo Digital Command Center ( / /, hover your cursor over the “reports” tab on your left-hand navigation bar. This will reveal a pop up with the reports categories. Select, “Distributions”.

Step 2: Once in your distributions report, look for the distribution you want to review or edit. You can search for it via the “filter” search bar in the upper right-hand corner. Once you locate the distribution in question, look in the “content keys” column - double check the original total.

Step 3: If that total is incorrect & missing keys, click the “options” drop down next to it & select “add keys”.

Step 4: From here you will see a pop up in which you can enter more keys. Enter the desired additional amount & hit “ok”. Remember, you are only entering the number of additional keys you need, not adding the initial count + the additional.

(exp - Mary initially created 3 unique keys, but needs 3 more. She is only going to enter “3”, not “6” ).

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