You’ve sent out a distribution, but forgot to make your content available for file download, set the wrong key amount, or maybe you just forgot which settings you selected. Here is how to both check the settings & edit them:

From your Mimeo Digital Command Center (, hover your cursor over the “reports” tab on your left hand navigation bar. This will reveal a pop up with the reports categories. Select, “Distributions”

Once in your distributions report, look for the distribution you are looking to review or edit. You can search for it via the “filter” search bar in the upper right-hand corner. When you find the distribution in question, click the “options” drop down next to it & select “edit distribution”.

From here, the distribution window will pop up with all of the original settings for this distribution. You can either make new settings selections or click the “x” to close out. If you do make edits, you must click “finish” button for these to apply.

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