The File Settings tab is the point from where you can access your Archive Tool, Download Option, & Enable for Offline Access Tool, for each document. The simple instructions below will walk you through the process of accessing those settings.

Step 1: Login to your account via the Mimeo Digital Mobile app or via

Step 2: Once inside your library, locate the content whose settings you would like to open.

Step 3: Click on the three dots to the right-hand side of the content name & icon. This will open a drop-down of content settings that are available

Step 4: In order to engage a setting, simply click on its button & the process will begin.

  • If you select “Archive”, the piece of content will automatically move to the Archive Folder

  • If you selected “Download PDF”, the file will automatically begin downloading to your desktop or device

  • If you select “Enable Offline Access”, the process will begin immediately - denotate by the spinning wheel overtop of the icon for that piece of content.

  • Step 5: Please note that access to these features is purely at the discretion of your content provider. If the tool does not appear in your File Settings, then it has not been made available to you as a resource.

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