Sure, one or two pieces of content in your digital library are easy enough to manage. But, what happens when you have passed the initial trial phase? You may have upwards of hundreds of pieces of content for all of your digital courses, programmes, and rollouts (or whatever other distribution project that you have). Would be nice to have it organised, right?

Below are some tips for organisation of content and management of categories within Mimeo Digital Command.

How to Categorise Content in your Library:

  1. Once the upload process for your content is complete, you will see each file as its own line item in your general library.

  2. Go to the file that you are looking to categorise and click the "categories" button.

  3. The drop down will offer you the option of either an open text box for creating a new category or a checklist of previous categories that you can choose from.

  4. Be sure to click the "add" button if creating a new category, or the "apply" button if you are selecting from existing categories, to complete the process


  • You can select more than one category for each piece of content. Just check off as many boxes as you need.

  • If you have not created any previous categories, you will only see the text box and "add" button.

  • After you have clicked the "apply" button, the piece of content will disappear from from your general "Library" tab and only appear within the categories you selected. This way you do not have any clutter.

How to Navigate to Categories in your Library:

  1. To access your previously created categories, simply go to your left-hand navigation bar and hover your cursor over the "Library" tab.

  2. This will expose a drop-down of your categories list. Simply select the category that you want to navigate to and click on it.

How to Manage Library Categories

  1. To manage your categories, go back to you left-hand navigation bar, hover your cursor over the "Settings" tab, and select "Categories" from the drop-down options

  2. To re-organise the order for your categories, you can either click the "organise alphabetically" button or you can click on a category name and drag it up or down in the list to your desired location

 3. To rename or remove a category, simply left-click on the
 category name. This will reveal those two setting options.


  • If you remove a category that has content in it, that content will be dumped back into the general library – unless it was also categorised to a current existing category.

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