Here are our recommendations for saving a high-quality print file from InDesign.

Don't Forget Linked Fonts and Images

It's important to include all linked images and fonts used in the file. Like all high-end page layout programs, the fonts and images that are used in the file are externally "linked" to the InDesign file. When opened for design, you only see low-resolution version of the images, but when printing (or print to PDF), InDesign will access the original high-res image files so that the output is the best quality.

How to Save High Quality Print PDFs

  1. Click File > Adobe PDF Presets > High Quality Print

  2. Browse and click Save. This will open the Export Adobe PDF window.

  3. Make sure the Spreads boxes are NOT checked.

  4. If you have built the document with crop or bleed marks, in the Export Adobe PDF window, click on the Marks and Bleeds section on the left.

  5. In the Marks section, select the Crop Marks check box.

  6. In the Bleed and Slug Section, type 0.125" in all of the Bleed Fields.

  7. Click Export

Next, all you have to do is upload to Mimeo Print! (Here's how to do that.)

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