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A perfect-bound document is bound with a thermal adhesive that glues the papers together. Most paperbacks novels or soft-cover textbooks use perfect binding so that the cover wraps around the spine. 

Perfect-Bound in Mimeo

Mimeo offers perfect-binding for standard paper sizes:

  • 8.5x11"

  • 7x9"

  • 5.5x8.5"

  • 6x9"

  • 7x9"

  • A4

  • A5

There are two ways to set up a perfect-bound document in Mimeo: with your own, pre-formatted cover and spine, or with Mimeo formatting the cover and spine for you.

Customize Your Files for Perfect Binding

Begin by uploading your PDF. Your files must add up to at least 40 pages (equal to 20 sheets) to qualify for perfect binding.

Next, create a bound document. In the real-time preview, choose “no binding.” Then select either 100 lb Bright White or 100 lb Glossy White cover stock. Covers must be printed in colour, even if the actual design is black and white.

If you want the design on your covers or throughout the document to fit the entire page in full bleed, choose your print-to-edge option.

While you cannot add tabs to a perfect-bound document, you can add custom slip sheets. (Check out this article for how to add slip sheets.)

Next, scroll down to custom offerings and open the Special Instructions menu. This article explains what Special Instructions are.

From here, choose the special instruction for perfect-binding in your document size. It will not show up on the real-time preview, but it will apply to your document after being selected.

How to Build Your Covers and Spine

Option 1

If you have already formatted your cover with the front, spine, and back cover on one sheet, you can now add the document to your cart and check out. 

Option 2

If you do not have a custom-formatted cover, select whether you want to print on the inside of the front and back covers, or if you want to rotate the back cover 180 degrees. Mimeo will then format the covers and spine for you. If no artwork is created for the spine, it will be blank.

Then add the perfect-bound document to your cart and check out.

Watch the video to see this article in action!

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