When you want to design the content experience for your audience, use Mimeo’s bundles and kits to ship products together or in a specific order.

In a bundle, you tell Mimeo to ship specific products together. For example, in a bundle, your recipient will always receive a training workbook and an evaluation sheet in the same package.

In a kit, you tell Mimeo to ship specific products in a specific order together. For example, your recipient will always receive an evaluation sheet on top of a training workbook.

To begin, select “Custom Kits and Bundles” and select whether you are building a bundle or kit.

A bundle will give you fewer options but is a great solution if you order the same set of documents regularly. First, choose which products you would like to include. You can select both print documents and warehoused merchandise. You will see your selections pop up in the tray below the library view. Then click “add items.”

Next, you can change the quantity of each item in the bundle, give your bundle a name, and save it or add it to your cart.

When building a kit, you have a few more options. You can choose to arrange items in a specific order or in the most efficient order. You can also apply shrink-wrap to a group of specific items or to your entire kit. Finally, give your kit a name and save it or add it to your cart.

In addition to ordering directly off Print, you can also publish your bundles and kits to your Marketplace storefronts the same way you publish a document.

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