Tabs and slip sheets are a great way to divide your document into sections.

You can use tabs and slip sheets on any bound document, including spiral bound, presentations, and ring binders. Slip sheets are also available for stapled and loose pages.

After uploading your file, you’ll be taken to the real-time proof to customise your document. On the left-hand customisation pane, scroll down to “Inserts.”

To add a tab, select the “tabs” option. First, select the tab orientation to match your document orientation. If your document is portrait orientation, like a standard book, then you want to make sure your tab is also portrait. Or your document might be landscape, in which case you would choose landscape.

Next, select what type of tab you would like. You can choose card stock, which is a sturdy paper, or mylar, which has a clear, protective film placed over the tab edge and is ideal for high-use documents.

Now you have two options: you can create custom tabs, or you can use “Auto-Insert Tabs” to let Mimeo insert tabs between two files, using each filename as the tab label.

To add custom labels, start by choosing “Add New.” You can add up to two lines of text to the tab. Just like in Microsoft Word, you can rely on spell check to underline any words that don’t match our dictionary. You can customise the font for this specific tab. Then use the plus or minus sign to navigate page to page to find the section where you want to insert the tab. Choose the page number that should come after the tab. Finally, hit “save.”

Do the same to add further tabs. You can edit existing tabs simply by clicking on “edit”, and you can remove tabs either by hitting the red “x” or by clicking the red “Remove All” button. Once you are done, simply hit the blue arrow to go back to the customisation pane.

Inserting slip sheets follows the same process. Select “slip sheets” and choose your orientation and slip sheet type. You can customise both colour and stock. Use “Auto-Insert” to let Mimeo add slip sheets between each file using the file name.

Choose “Add New” to create your own custom slip sheet. You can add up to 4 lines of text to label the slip sheet, and you can customise the font and font size. Use the plus or minus sign to move between pages to select placement. Again, select the page number that should come after your slip sheet. Finally, hit “save.” Just like with tabs, you can edit or remove existing slip sheets.

Mimeo Tip: Upload each section as its own PDF so it is easier to auto-insert tabs.

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