This article covers how to build a generic bound document in Mimeo Print. See the links below for building non-bound documents like brochures and posters.

To begin, upload your files to your library. (For more help on uploading, check out this article.)

If you want to build a document that has some sections in black and white and some in colour, or some double-sided sections and some single-sided sections, be sure to upload each section as its own PDF.

Once your files have uploaded, select "create" from the top menu and select your preferred binding.

In the first screen, select the files that will make up your final document. For example, you may have a front cover, the intro, main content, and a back cover.

Here, you can select which files will be colour and which will be black and white. You can also select which will be single or double-sided.

Finally, for any files that will be black and white, you can change the colour of the paper they will print on.

Next, continue into the real-time document preview for further customisations. You can change the binding, cover preferences, paper stock, and update your selections on colour and duplex printing, if necessary.

We offer thousands of customisations, including print-to-edge, tabs and slip sheets, landscape binding, and more. If you need a customisation you don’t see, contact our customer success team.

As you add customisations, flip through the document for a real-time preview. You can also check your price.

Finally, add the document to your cart. You will be prompted to save it to your library or continue without saving. Then simply add your shipping details and check out.

Mimeo Vocabulary:

 "File" is the PDF you upload into our library. "Document" is the final product you build such as a binder, notebook, or booklet, which can comprise multiple files.

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