The first step to build a document in Mimeo Print is to upload your print-ready files as PDFs. For more help on uploading, check out this article.

After uploading your artwork as a high-resolution PDF, select “Build Poster.” As you set up your poster, you can select photographic finish, a poster for presentations, or mounted posters. You can also customise each of these after selecting your preference.

Now you are in the real-time preview.

Open the size menu to select your preferred orientation and poster size. You can also switch between US and International sizes.

Open the materials menu to choose your stock, lamination, and mounting preferences. For a high-quality photograph effect, select premium photo. For a poster that is more informational, choose heavy or standard matte.

To make your poster more durable, you can add a laminated finish. Finally, to give your poster depth so that it will stand alone on an easel or stand, choose the foam core mounting. Keep in mind that foam core mounting adds 24 hours to production time.

Open the layout menu to adjust the positioning of your content on the poster. You can select “Fill Page” for automatic bleed or use the custom slider to adjust the positioning.

Confirm your selections in the summary, select your quantity, and add to your cart.

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