Mimeo Print makes it easy for you to order printed documents shipped wherever you need them.

There are three major steps: upload your file, build your document, and place your order.

Mimeo Vocabulary:

 "File" is the PDF you upload into our library. "Document" is the final product you build such as a binder, notebook, or booklet, which can comprise multiple files.


The first step to build a document in Mimeo Print is to upload your print-ready files as PDFs. You can upload from the home page, from your library, or from your file sequencer. This article explains how to upload from the home page.

Build Your Document

Next, build your document to your custom specifications. The first step is deciding what kind of document you are creating.

Here are some articles to help you build specific kinds of documents:

Place Your Order

Once you are satisfied with your document, add it to your cart. You will be prompted to name and save your document to your library. Then you will be taken to your cart.

In the "Quantity" box, enter the number of copies to be included in each package.

In the next screen, you can either click Send to Me or Create New Recipient to add a new address.

Select your turnaround time and delivery date to determine when your print materials will be delivered.

Next, you can customise the packing slip to include comments or a customised greeting for your recipients.

In the summary screen, you can review your document and shipping details as well as the Grand Total for the order. Corporate pricing is calculated on this screen, so the Grand Total reflects your real grand total.

Finally, proceed to the payment screen. You can use either account credit or a credit card to purchase. (If you'd like to set up account credit and receive invoices, let us know!)

Want to print this out? View our ordering guide here.

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