Your Marketplace is an extension of your brand, so we know it is important to easily add your logo and colours.

Log In to Marketplace

Begin by logging into Navigate to your Marketplace Dashboard from the App Switcher.

Select an Individual Storefront

From your Marketplace Dashboard, find the individual storefront you want to customise. Under options, select “edit.”

This will take you directly to the General Settings screen.

Select the “Branding” tab.

When you are done making edits, be sure to hit “save and publish” for these changes to take effect. 

Under the branding tab, you can design your theme with a custom logo and colors.

To change your logo, select “choose file” and upload the image file from your computer.

Keep in mind that your logo must be 230 pixels wide by 100 pixels high or smaller.

Customise Your Colours

You can customise seven different colours in your storefront:

  • Background colour

  • Foreground text

  • Accents and links

  • Button background

  • Button text

  • Highlight button

  • Highlight button text

As you change the colours, you’ll see the preview on the right-hand side change so you can visualise how the colour impacts the design.

To change the colour, type in the six-digit Hex Colour Code in the text field.

Alternatively, click on the colour swatch box to the right to open up a full menu of colour options. You can use the colour picker to choose any colour in the scale or enter the RGB or HSB code. Then click “okay” to finalise your choice.

Save and Publish

Once you are happy with your brand customisations, hit save and publish to make your changes permanent.

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